1. How do I configure, initialize and manage an InfiniBand™ fabric based upon this early reference code?

There are two alternatives.  One is to use the supported subnet manager that ships with the Intel® InfiniBand Device Architecture Test Development Kit (PDK).  This is the Lane15 Fabric Manager™.  This software, when used with the Intel PDK, runs only on a Windows 2000* platform.  This is the only SM that Intel supports for the Intel PDK.

The other alternative is to use the unsupported Intel Linux Subnet Manager (SM), which is also supplied as a part of the Intel PDK.  Note that the Intel Linux SM is supplied as reference only, in binary-only form, and is not supported.  The supported SM for the Intel PDK is the Lane15 Fabric Manager.  If you have a question about how to obtain the Intel Linux SM, click here to send your request to the appropriate contact.

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Last Updated: 05/16/2002 02:22 PM