This Subnet Manager infrastructure ("OpenSM") provides the basic subnet manager functionality as defined in Volume 1 of the InfiniBandô specification for subnet discovery and activation.  OpenSM also provides Subnet Administration capabilities focused on the support of clustering (IPoIB and SDP).  Support of either network (VNIC) or storage (SRP) I/O unit attachment, configuration and control (as presently defined in InfiniBand Architecture Specification Volume 1, Release 1.0.a, Annex A1: I/O Infrastructure) is not currently supported; although the OpenSM infrastructure has been created so that this support can be added in the future. 

High Level Architecture

The OpenSM components reside in user mode above the Access Layer interface, as depicted in the following diagram.

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Project Definition

The OpenSM is composed of the several components: 

The OpenSM uses its internal Vendor Interface APIís to send and receive QP0 and QP1 MAD packets.  The Vendor Interface layer encapsulates and abstracts the underlying user mode InfiniBand Access API.  This encapsulation allows developers to easily port OpenSM to other standard or proprietary InfiniBand access APIís. 

Three of the modules shown are shaded to indicate that they will not be initially developed as part of the first release of OpenSM: CFM (the "Configuration Manager" used for handling the association between hosts and target devices), a CIM Provider and a GUI (Graphical User Interface).  However, the OpenSM infrastructure is designed such that these components can be added in the future.


The goals of this project are:



Get Set GetTable
NodeRecord ÷   ÷
PortInfoRecord ÷   ÷
PathRecord ÷   ÷
SMInfoRecord ÷   ÷
LinkRecord ÷   ÷
MCMemberRecord ÷ ÷ ÷
ServiceRecord ÷ ÷ ÷

Licensing Details

This software is being made available under a choice of one of two licenses. You may choose to be licensed under either the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2, June 1991, available at http://www.fsf.org/copyleft/gpl.html, or the Intel BSD + Patent License, further described here.


The deliverables of this project include:


Actual sub-project timelines are not yet determined and will be formulated by the participants of the sub-project.

How to Get Involved

The best way to contribute to this effort is to get in touch with the contact for the area you are interested in.  New participants are welcomed and encouraged to join in this effort to bring InfiniBand support to the Linux operating system.

Project News

The project news is included on the SourceForge site.  Click the "News" link at the left under "SourceForge Services".

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