The Early Reference Code is a version of  code developed prior to completion of the InfiniBand™ Architecture 1.0a specification. As such, it does not support all of the optional features and may not be compliant in some areas.  The reference code has some deficiencies that make it not well suited for a general Linux solution. These include:

The intent is to address these deficiencies following an open source model that encourages participation from all interested parties. Refer to the other sub-projects within the InfiniBand  project for details, e.g., Access Layer, HCA DDK, IPoIB, SRP, SDP, etc.

The reference code is however a complete proof of concept. It provides reference code that runs on the Intel® Profile A HCA hardware.  It is provided primarily as an example reference implementation for use by developers of  InfiniBand open source projects, IHVs developing target hardware, or ISVs wanting to gain some experience with or do early development on  InfiniBand software. The Early Reference Code includes Linux drivers for storage, networking, and IPC, plus a InfiniBand  transport ( infrastructure) drivers that provide access to the HCAs.  The HCA hardware can be obtained from Intel as part of the Intel® InfiniBand Device Architecture Test Development Kit (PDK).  The PDK also contains a subnet manager which is needed to configure the hardware and initialize the subnet.  See the FAQ for more details regarding the subnet manager.

Project Definition

This early reference source code project provides reference source code for the following components:


Provide a reference implementation of an OS software stack for the InfiniBand  Architecture. 

Licensing Details

This software is being made available under a choice of one of two licenses. You may choose to be licensed under either the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2, June 1991, available at http://www.fsf.org/copyleft/gpl.html, or the Intel BSD + Patent License, further described here.


The deliverables of this project are: 

How to Get Involved

The best way to contribute to this effort is to get in touch with the contact for the area you are interested in.  New participants are welcomed and encouraged to join in this effort to bring InfiniBand support to the Linux operating system.

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