The InfiniBand™ Architecture (IBA) is an industry standard that defines a new high-speed switched fabric subsystem designed to connect processor nodes and I/O nodes to form a system area network.  This new interconnect method moves away from the local transaction-based I/O model across busses to a remote message-passing model across channels.  The architecture is independent of the host operating system (OS) and the processor platform.

IBA provides both reliable and unreliable transport mechanisms in which messages are enqueued for delivery between end systems.  Hardware transport protocols are defined that support reliable and unreliable messaging (send/receive), and memory manipulation semantics (e.g., RDMA read/write) without software intervention in the data transfer path.

The InfiniBand specification primarily defines the hardware electrical, mechanical, link-level, and management aspects of an InfiniBand fabric, but does not define the lowest layers of the operating system stack needed to communicate over an InfiniBand fabric.  The remainder of the operating system stack to support storage, networking, IPC, and systems management is left to the operating system vendor for definition.  More on the InfiniBand architecture can be found here.

The site is organized as a series of sub-projects; listed in the contents pane at the left.  This page contains a high level overview of each sub-project.

High Level Architecture

Project Definition

The Linux InfiniBand Project is a collection of sub-projects and activities all focused around the common goal of providing the operating system software components needed to support an InfiniBand fabric, specifically for the Linux operating system.  The architecture for several of these components is further influenced by existing and emerging standards that define uniform protocols for components of the operating system.  Examples here are emerging protocols like Internet Protocol over InfiniBand (IPoIB) and the SCSI RDMA Protocol (SRP) and proposed definitions for standard InfiniBand  transport and driver APIs.


This project is focused on promoting, enabling and delivering the software components needed to support an InfiniBand fabric for the Linux operating system.  The primary goals of this project include:

This project serves as an overall umbrella for the development of these operating system components. 

Licensing Details

This software is being made available under a choice of one of two licenses. You may choose to be licensed under either the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2, June 1991, available at http://www.fsf.org/copyleft/gpl.html, or the Intel BSD + Patent License, further described here.

This code was developed to comply with the InfiniBand Architecture Specifications. The InfiniBand Architecture Specifications were developed by the InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) and there are certain legal rights and obligations associcated with the specifications set forth by the IBTA. For more information on InfiniBand and the IBTA, see http://www.infinibandta.org,


The deliverables of this project are listed in the contents at the left under the "Sub-Projects" section.  Below is a brief overview of each of these sub-projects.  Select a particular sub-project for more details and specifics relevant to that sub-project.

The code can be downloaded from the main sourceforge project page.

Project News

The project news is included on the SourceForge site.  Click the "News" link at the left under "SourceForge Services".

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